Caring & Sharing

I once was a Catholic, so I post the following because this is important to share with a Catholic… or anyone.  If I didn’t care… I wouldn’t share.

Written by a former Catholic priest.

From… Do Catholics Possess Life Eternal?

by Richard Bennett

Dear Friend,

Do Catholics Possess Life Eternal? It is with great sensitivity that I write on this question. Because I remember the grip that Catholicism had on my own soul for 48 years I write with affection for Catholics. Yet while I analyze official Catholic teachings in the light of biblical faith an irrefutable conclusion is reached. Catholics who read this article may indeed be thankful that I have delicately pinpointed issues, of which they had been apprehensive for a long time. Some Evangelicals also may be thankful that I have exposed the false ecumenical movements such as “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” and “Christian Churches Together.” Kindly make the article below known to your family and friends. Thank you

In my 48 years as a Catholic and my 22 years as a Catholic priest I believed in…

From… Evangelicals and Catholics Together…ECT

Real effect of ECT

The real effect of the document is to stop evangelization of Roman Catholics, especially in third world Catholic countries. If the compromise of the authority of the Bible, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and compromise of the priesthood of all true believers is right before the Holy God, then Bible believing churches will not evangelize Catholics, will not send missionaries to third world Catholic countries in Central and South America, in Africa, and to Spain, Portugal, and the Philippines.

Mysticism/Emergent Church