Hope… Finish

As a young boy, when I heard the Telecaster guitar played on the radio… it sent chills through my body—one day… I hoped to be able to play like what I was hearing.  Forty plus years later… I realize I’m experiencing to a degree what I hoped.

My pattern tends to be… I don’t start well and I learn slowly falling behind the pack.  With the help and generosity of others, I’m generally able to finish, though (left up to my definition of).

Why bring it up?  Because I’ve been able to pursue some things to eventually experience them.  It’s the love for what I’ve “followed after” that’s kept me in the game when I wanted to quit.

Have I always “gotten it right?  No.  I’m weak… “I wobble”… I’m not God.  I’ve had my share of giving up—many times it was wise to do so.

I’ve discovered… only God can save a person from themselves.

What do I mean?

There’s a lesser and greater in desire and pursuit.

My greatest desire is the blessing of salvation from God that offers hope.  The hope of crossing the finish line of the greater blessed hope puts lesser pursuits in perspective (Titus 3:4-7; Philippians 3:13-21).

In other words… this is one love and pursuit I must “see to the end”—at all costs!

Knowing what I want and stand for… I can change course, or forgo further pursuit, with the lesser if it threatens the greater.

This is not about my pursuits… look at me—it’s about the… finish.

Like it… or not… we will cross a finish line in a Slow Instant.

While our face can still feel the warmth of the sun… we can choose which one to aim for with our walk towards.

When you know where you’re going, the road map makes sense.