The Cure

This deadliest disease, we all have it.  It assuredly kills.  It destroys the heart, mind, soul, and body… completely!

However, there’s a cure!

What is this “disease”?  It’s called… sin—we’re all born with it!  Jesus Christ is the only cure for it.

Jesus shed His blood at the Cross for the only one-time atoning sacrifice that washes our sins away.  He was resurrected and ascended to Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father God, where He is the High Priest over the Household of the God of Israel.

To search for a cure, one has to believe they’re sick… and, are sick and tired of it.  We have to desire, above all else, to be healthy.  We have to reject our sinfulness and want a new way of living—we have to repent and look to God.  Those that do, accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior… the Only Cure… the only Way to forgiveness of our sins.  When we do, we receive God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit, in our heart who gives us the power over sin.  Now, there’s peace between God and us.

Will we always be successful in not sinning?  No, we all sin… we wobble… we slip up… but, our desire is not to.  When we do, we have our High Priest, Jesus Christ, as our intercessor before the Father God.  We can repent and ask Christ for forgiveness, and God forgives us… we remain at peace with Him.  In peace, we can continue to develop into the person the Father God wants us to be for the Kingdom of God.

When we fall, we get up and continue to follow our Lord and Savior, Redeemer, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Our hope is to be in the presence of God, His Glory and His Love, in His City… the New Jerusalem, in His New Heavens and New Earth, for Eternity.  To experience only what is… good… even greater than we can imagine.

If one refuses the only cure for this deadliest disease, they will be quarantined eternally in the vilest way in darkness.  They will suffer the torment of the eternal infection of wickedness—the eternal separation from the True God that leads to the deepest pain and hatred that destroys another person, and of course, yourself.  They will no longer have access to the only Cure from this monstrosity.  Their worst horrors will be a constant… new normal… with no reprieve.  It’s commonly known as… Hell.  The Christian also knows it as… the eternal Lake of Fire.

If you dismiss all this… seriously, think again… about the Lake of Fire!!  There’s no getting out if you die before you’re cured!!

Jesus Christ is God… He is our Creator… He is the Lord… He is the King of kings—one day every knee will bow to Him recognizing Him for who He is.  Today, if you do bow to Him, you’ll be cured.

Today… you can be!