Sin is the ultimate disease that leads to the second death.  Its evidence is the pain, destruction, decay, strife, and ultimate physical death in this age.  It started at the Garden of Eden leaving its marks on us, including our failure to keep God’s Law.

We attempt to squash the pain of sin.  We try to “sterilize” our self, our conscience, with the “good works of religion”.  We strive to wash our hands from the “dirt” they’ve been in… and cover-up “the flames” that can come out of our mouth and nose—we spray the “disinfectant” of religious rituals on our bodies and surroundings.  It all works until… someone tries to deny our “self-interests”.  Our motivation, or foundation, is exposed.

We may picture God in heaven giving a sigh of relief because He was anxiously waiting for our “ritual religious sacrifices” to be offered… so He can get on with His “day”.  Does God need anything from… is dependent upon… us to be complete (Psalm 50:6-13)?  His existence is not reliant upon our “good works” offered thinking we can “bribe” Him to “punch” our ticket to “our best life now”.

“Sterilized”… we can look “good” to others in the short-term.  We can fool ourselves into believing we don’t need a long-term cure for the disease of our soul.  Those who receive our “bread of good works”, without hearing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, which includes the penalty for the rejection of, will sing our song to get more “bread”.  They praise us feeding and inflating our ego—we’ve gained the favor of the world.  Their applause for our “sugary goodness” gives us a “high” that muffles our conscience—we feel good in the moment believing we’re healthy (self-righteous).

If we’re not assured about our eternity, our conscience will prick us with fear.  We’ll overcompensate with our “good works”, or overkill on “safety precautions”, because the rush of doing something takes our mind off the “queasiness in the pit of our stomach” when we think about it.  The fear of death… frightens us to death.

If we get “sick and tired” of the symptoms of sin, our demented and sick heart, we start to look for a cure.  And, there is one… the Only One.

Once we find the Cure, God does not remove us from a sick, diseased, and fallen world.  We have to be exposed to the infections of… sin and failure… the weaknesses of our flesh… the destruction of a fallen world.

It’s these tests and trials of life that remind us we’re not God… that we need Him—we’re dependent on God’s Salvation offered through Jesus Christ.  In other words, it’s the dirt and disease of a corrupted world full of “messy people” that causes us to reach out to the Lord… building our Faith in Him—we develop “immunity”, a power over, the destruction of… and a “washing clean” from the condemnation of… the “filthy” sins in our lives.


Out of fear… to self-isolate, become a hermit, to keep “safe” at all costs in an attempt to rid the pain of a diseased world… our immunity (our faith) is weakened.  In this state, one might not find the Cure.  If they do look, it may be too late… because it’s no longer available.  They either died, or the Lord has returned to start the next-age.  The disease has finished killing them… with the sentence of “eternal quarantine” in destruction and torment in the Lake of Fire.  Separated from the goodness of God, their mouth is “covered and silenced”, forever, from those living in the pleasures of Life, in the presence of the God of Israel.

The mantra of the advocates to preserve this world… this current age… is to keep us safe, by their own power.  A condition that assures eternal destruction (the second death) if we choose its temporary comfort and not Eternal Salvation… that saves us from this world and its proponents, only through Jesus Christ.

Understanding the disease and accepting the Cure, we can now see that “good works” come from the root of assurance, or fear, about our eternal future.  Yes, it does make a difference—it determines whether they’re authentic or not.  Are they from a heart that truly cares about a person… male and female created in the image of God… or from the concern about the personal belly… that it’s full?  Are they from a heart flourishing with the Holy Spirit of God… or, the spirit of this world?

The challenge of dirt, pain, failure, and disease that builds faith and character works this way in the Spiritual.

There are medical doctors who have the view it works a similar way in the natural—the exposure to “bugs” builds immunity against them.  Are these dissenting professional medical opinions invalid simply because they’re a minority?  Have not these medical professionals also received validated medical training like their opposing majority peers… enough to still hold a medical license?

And, have the majority peers and politicians listened to the inexperienced and the childish advice of youth?

Which is more shocking and outrageous—their differing views… or, the powers that be, who say they’re sterilizing us to keep us safe, are also attempting to force doctors to commit murder (perform abortion… agree to gender destruction procedures) to keep their medical licenses?

So… who do I believe… who do I trust?

Do I place my life into the hands of the science and medical community, where many members claim not believe that God created all things… that male and female created in the image of God, is a fallacy?  If they’re blind, along with the media that holds the same views, to what a child can see… well, then… .

Do I trust people and entities who have expressed they want “sacrifices of population reduction” to their god, the environment—these same, that turn around and say they want to enforce practices, or come up with vaccines, to save us… to keep us safe?  That they want us to… be in this together?

Do I trust the pseudo-spiritual, self-righteous, humanists—the new age pushers of “we are one”… the “positive mind energy” meditators and worshipers… the false teachers and prophets… the ecumenists… the social gospel lovers… for the path to find salvation for my life, for eternity?

Do I trust when they embrace mysticism, the occult… the darkness… death… as the children of their father, the god of this world, Satan—when they think they’re a god, like he does?

To sort it out, I start by looking at the Bible for answers… for repeatable patterns in context.

As a common practice, I can’t see where there was a quarantine for the healthy when dealing with disease.  Societies had to go on to survive.  It was more difficult and crucial to carry out necessary daily tasks at that time—they didn’t have the option of completely laying low for weeks on end until the danger passed.  They didn’t have a “life or death” computer-based technology or consulting job still earning a paycheck while confined to a room.

However, they locked-down… laid siege to… communities or cities when they wanted to… take those people down (Deuteronomy 20:20; 28:52-55; Jeremiah 19:8-9).

(We may reason… but, God said to… love others.

It’s real easy to say this when money is flowing in to meet our needs… even if that money is gained by theft—the Fed printing fiat money to produce the government bail outs and inflated values of stocks and assets.  The small business owners, their employees, the savers, and the elderly (all are now considered… “non-essential”) get locked-down—they get the short-end of the stick, again.

When did we come to view a business, that meets tangible demands of people and feeds families, as… “non-essential”— and, we classify free access to… the ability to maintain the value of… our own money as the same?

We say we care for the elderly, but we’ve cleaned out their savings accounts by accepting artificially low-interest rates so we can buy “our lusts” we can’t afford on cheap credit.  We’ve denied their medical care that they’ve paid into during their working life—then today, the government/media mantra is… we’re so concerned for them… while locking them down.

God also said… don’t destroy a tree that bears fruit… a person’s ability to grow food… their ability to find something to eat (Deuteronomy 20:19-20; Matthew 3:9-10; Exodus 22:5; Deuteronomy 23:24-25 ; 24:19; 25:4; 1 Timothy 5:18; Proverbs 23:10-11).  And… don’t steal.

If we agree to the attitude of “preventing someone from earning a living”, would it be counter to the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God… to feed people with, make it possible to find, the True Food of the Word of God?  If we can’t be trusted with mammon, can we be trusted with real treasure (Luke 16:10-12)?

Do we justify the saving of our life, or our loved ones, at the expense of the destruction of an innocent neighbor or stranger’s life… all in the name of… our “love” for others?  Are we an all-wise god who gets to decide… who pays with their life and who is spared?  Isn’t this how Hitler viewed himself?)

There’s also what I’ve just said about sin, trials, tests, and building faith.

Next, I look to see how it’s played-out in life validating what God says.

I look at historical accounts of survival.  Battles were engaged… threats were faced.  The greatest battle is with the self… that God convicts us by our conscience.  If we answer His call, there’s a chance we’ll live to see the sun rise on another day.  Our ancestors must have… I was able to write this and you read it.

The Bible was written that we can both read!  Someone had to persevere, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to make it happen.

When I sort it out, I think…

The most precious to a human is… the breath of the life giving spirit from God into the nostrils of a man (Genesis 2:7, 18-24).  As a newborn baby, we gasp for our first breath… we become alive in this world and continue to live by breathing.  As we age… we fight for our last breath.  In between the “dash on the headstone”, hamper or stop by covering up this breathing and… we will panic.  Do this for awhile and… we will die… completing the “end-date of the dash”.

A relationship with others (social interaction) in true love nourishes the soul.  Obstruct or cover-up communication and fellowship with each other (the human touch) and… our love will grow cold and our soul will ultimately wither and die (Genesis 2:7, 18-24; 1:27-28; Luke 10:27; Romans 13:8-10; Galatians 5:13-16; Matthew 24:11-13).  Out of fear, life will literally cease… the foundation of it becomes disrupted (I’ll let you think on this one).

If you’ve experienced the reaction of those that condemn those who choose not to cover-up, it’s chilling.  Breathing in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide is not a right… it’s a fact of being a mammal… being a human!

God said it’s wrong to… muzzle the nose of an ox when he is working to feed you.  And, he’s just a beast of burden serving the greater… his master.  And, a human is of more value than many sparrows.

We’re not to muzzle the servant of God, the teacher or pastor, who “breaks down”, harvests, the Word of God to make it “edible” (understandable) to feed the Saints for their growth in the Life of Christ.  Nor, are we, those who fear the Lord, to muzzle our mouths from proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  And, we have to breathe to do so.

To truly love someone, we have to first love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Deuteronomy 6:1-9; Mark 12:28-31; Galatians 5:13-15).  If not, we become self-absorbed, passing off our warped pseudo love as… love for others.  Because they (the “all knowing-wise”, learned, educated, superior to us serfs) care about us and want to keep us safe… that , if we loved others, we would agree with them that weekly fellowship in a church is… non-essential.

(The directive of “social distancing” is “6 feet” apart…so, is the depth of a grave—man was created on the 6th day, and because of sin, he is sentenced to return to the dirt, in destruction, from where he was taken from.  Significant?  I don’t know but… I wonder.  Sure, the “bug” might get killed, but so will the soul.)

In the effort to sterilize the world…

Covering up mouths and faces with the “muzzles and masks of intimidation”, and spraying on the “disinfectant of censorship”, will eventually kill the voices of… dissenting and challenging views… discussion defending the freedoms protected by the Constitution of America… Christians speaking up for morality and defending our faith.

We’ve ceded… a government by the consent of the people… long before this lock-down.  That’s what sin does—by participation of… or assent to… it makes one a coward.  Adam passed the blame on… that woman you gave me.

(Does not the Islamic culture… society… religion… completely cover the head their women, except for her eyes, even in extreme heat?  Is it not a statement that her thoughts… ideas… words… identity as a female… are to be hidden away, silenced, from the public—that their women are not viewed as humans… endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness [estate]?

Who else conceals their identity with a mask or covering, by strategy?  Is it not a… thief?  And, Satan is a thief!)

We’ve silenced future voices through abortion… distorted voices that can become voices of wisdom through the abuse of children and the elderly—we’ve put “a mask” on their breath… their words.

Yes, the positive minded “optimism” will initially feel good because such voices, that prick the conscience, are suppressed.  In silence, the absence of challenging and discomforting thoughts expressed by the mouth and pen, the soul (mind, will, and emotions) continues its descent into lethargy.  It succumbs to a “drug-induced like” death.

What is a human, male and female created in the image of God, is marred beyond recognition.  The result is… be fruitful and multiply becomes diminished.  We become dehumanized mongrels… the walking dead… with atrophied minds that can no longer reason.

The trend has not been disrupted—we now find the oppression of today.

If Jesus Christ did not return, no flesh would be saved alive (Matthew 24:11-13,21-27)!

Remember… sterile is literally the condition used to describe new life, the next generation, ceases to exist.  The current life, the current generation, withers away into oblivion—their names becomes shrouded and forgotten in darkness (Ecclesiastes 6:1-4; Psalm 37).

This isn’t about… “take up arms and squash”—we wouldn’t win.  However, if we don’t see this for what it is, will we be grieved enough to seek out the Cure… and then, seek treatment every day (Matthew 6:33-34)?  Will we encourage others to?  No better time, when eliminating disease, is the focus of many.

Ecclesiastes 12 13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.