Creation Care

“Creation care”…

I witnessed some of this in ranching 30 years ago.  Even though, at the grass roots level (pun intended), the intent was to lower overheads by increasing forage production from a ranch which meant being able to run more livestock per unit of land, the attitude pushed seemed to be… man could save the environment… heal the earth

To use… manage… take care of… improve production by lowering overheads for a better life for your family… I agree.  But, to think we can absolutely control our world obsessing about it (Luke 21:33-35)?  The world is cursed… it yields thorns by the sweat of our brow.

Which healing is all-important… the Blood of Christ… or saving an animal, that God killed and skinned to reveal the need of salvation to a man?  Thereafter, the organic animal sacrifices couldn’t save man from a piece of organic fruit that killed him.

“Non-profit” entities are purchasing private and family ranches for “creation care”.  It’s sad to see land producing meat being taken out of production for the “non-profit” environmental worship.

Is the “herd thinning motive” mentioned in the last segment of the Series on “Creation Care” below in-line with gene based (Renowned Virologist Sucharit Bhakdi Warns Against Gene-Altering Coronavirus Vaccine)… unproven vaccination (Dr. Francis Boyle: “Bioweapon” mRNA Vaccines) that’s suspected to cause sterilization, cardiac shock, autoimmune, and possibly HIV… and the destructive lock-down practices? 

Then, a scrubbed John Hopkins University article, using CDC data, claimed that there’s been no notable death increase in 2020 in the US compared to recent years.  This was calculated after looking at suspected “cooking the books” on death stats (deaths from other diseases, like heart disease, have mysteriously gone down bucking recent yearly trends).  Were they adjusted to show increases tagged to the virus (do your own research)?  (A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 By Yanni GU, November 22, 2020)  If caught lying, is it wise to believe these liars that continue to do so?

“Population control”… is this not the spite, the enemy, of the New Covenant… the promises to Abraham… of God will greatly multiply—the God of Israel who gave us the spirit of man through… be fruitful and multiply?  God, who redeems, restores, develops… hearts, minds, and souls to Everlasting Life?  The same God who takes the few (loaves and fish) to multiply into many to feed a multitude, and gather the fragments (the remnant)… that none would be lost (Ezekiel 37:26; Genesis 1:28; 22:17-18; John 6:11-13)?  Is this not the promise to His People… the house of Israel and the house of Judah… that He will save a remnant to multiply to a multitude, at least during the Millennium, in His Kingdom… and, that He will feed them (Jeremiah 23:3-4; Matthew 7:13-15; Zechariah 13:7-9; Zephaniah 3:13-17; Romans 9: 24-29; Isaiah 1:8-10; Matthew 24:21-23)?

To believe you’re not a created male or female human being in God’s image… that you evolved from plants and animals… would you not eventually treat others as such?  And, what did you eat today… was it not plants and/or animals?  Eating, or devouring, each other… is this not what the current stone-hearted practices and edicts are doing to individuals, families, communities, nations, and society?  People are thinking and acting no higher than an animal for survival (Galatians 5:14-16).  But, it doesn’t have to be this way… there’s a cure.

Excerpts from Part 6 of the Series, Creation Care

Summary: If you can’t beat ’em, deceive ’em. For years the environmental Left has tried to infiltrate conservative churches, spreading a “gospel” of global warming, junk science, and radical anti-human ideology in place of biblical teaching. The scheme is called “creation care,” and it’s brought to you by the heirs to the eugenics, forced sterilization, and abortion-on-demand campaigns pioneered by social engineers and so-called Progressives in the 20th century. Yet the goal of this secret war couldn’t be clearer: permanently split Evangelical voters from the Republican Party.

Eugenics and sterilization measures died out after World War II due to their obvious association with the Third Reich, yet population control groups carried on through the rest of the 20th century and into the 21st. The Population Council (formed by eugenicist John D. Rockefeller III) Zero Population Growth (created by doomsayer Paul Ehrlich and now slickly rebranded as Population Connection) bear the same falsely optimistic message of depopulating the planet as their predecessors—albeit now as a solution to global warming.

Depopulation is a lucrative business, too. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the largest on Earth, is a critical funder of ongoing experimentation with second-trimester abortion drugs banned in much of the United States and tested on poor women in destitute African and Asian countries. The Gates Foundation is also instrumental in the U.N.’s Family Planning 2020 campaign to loosen abortion restrictions overseas and depopulate the Third World.

But Warren Buffett, the famous investor from Nebraska, probably takes the prize as the single largest donor to anti-life causes in human history. His Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (named for his late ex-wife) is the true terror of the unborn, pouring $4 billion over the last two decades into pro-abortion, pro-population control groups.

There’s no mistaking his intention, either. Pro-abortion spending accounts for 73 percent of the Buffett Foundation’s grantmaking between 2000 and 2018. To put that in perspective, Buffett’s billions are enough to pay for 8 million abortions according to data from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, at an average cost of $500 per abortion.

This is the legacy of environmentalism that creation care advocates don’t reveal to Christians. Creation care isn’t the “good news” delivered by a Christ who came to save sinners. Whether it’s screeched in the streets or preached in the pulpits, there’s one message in this doctrine: The Left lusts for power, and it will lie and deceive to seize it.