The fashionable, alternative, government subsidized unprofitable (that’s why it’s subsidized) approaches will fail when the anomaly storm rages through leaving one cold and dark.  This includes printing of fiat money without the basis of productivity and profitability to artificially lower interest rates and juice stocks valuations… deceiving the beneficiaries into believing they’re better off than they really are.  Accountability surfaces when it’s too late—the façade of being well clothed with lasting wealth and security is exposed for the nakedness that it really is.  Reliance on the politically despised, old, boring, but proven and reliable fossil fuels (and gold or silver, or currency backed by it) have been reduced or eliminated… deemed “out-of-style” for an unsound mind of an artificially intelligent world.

Seen elsewhere…

The popular new age mysticism, occult, humanism, and drug fueled world buzzes and warps the senses making people think they look “good” on the outside like “white-washed tombs”… but, inside it’s dark and cold… there lie the dead.  The straight and narrow tested, proven, and true Gospel of the Kingdom of God causes slow, but can be painful, growth of bearing fruit of the Holy Spirit starting on the inside, in the heart.  However, the transformed heart and mind bearing His fruit, the Life of Jesus Christ, is the “life saver” in the unexpected storms of life we face in this fallen world, including the last one… the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s wrath and the day of God’s White Throne Judgment (Jeremiah 17:7-8; Proverbs 29:25). 

To continue to profitably bear God’s fruit, leads to an everlasting prosperous future in the age-to-come starting with the Millennium—all made possible by Jesus shedding His Blood at the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins to reconcile us back to God… if we’ll accept His atonement for us as our Savior and continue to follow Him as our Lord.

The pursuit of the “popular field of dreams” hustled today, that’s barren of the mind of Christ, the Holy Spirit, leads to cold dark naked desolate poverty.  Today, there’s a cure… but, it won’t be offered forever.  Will you take advantage of it while it can still be found?