Unnaturally Cheap

Some may think I’m “frugal”… some… cheap”.

Maybe, but I hope I’m not… Unnaturally Cheap.

Unnaturally Cheap… ?

Unnaturally Cheap means we ignore the natural principles of human conduct, business, economics, and capitalism.

Really… if we love our neighbor as ourselves (we produce something they want or need) and we don’t steal his stuff… we’ve got capitalism.

What’s the alternative?

The grandiose progressive socialist world of fluffy clouds, fuzzy bunnies, and driving Toyota Priuses down winding yellow brick roads with flowers alongside singing to us “Kumbaya” while we talk on “free gov’ment cell phones”—all paid for on the back of hope and dreams of tomorrow—has become our life. But, “it’s a safe world”… we’re told! Maybe that’s why the same socialists encourage us to smoke marijuana along with them… so we won’t realize what life is really like without “substance and evidence”… that it’s unnaturally cheap!

“Substance and evidence”… what does that look like for me today?

It’s two words: Grow Capital!

This is how “frugal” is transformed into “value”… long-term value.

What’s this about?

Unnaturally Cheap… click here to download a complimentary copy of the book.